Roger Sadowsky is one of the most highly respected instrument makers in the world. He gained early acclaim for outstanding repair and restoration work on guitars and basses, and also customised the 1977 jazz bass for Marcus Miller, known for his signature slap bass tone.

In the early 1980s, the heated vintage market increasingly pushed guitars and basses out of reach for working musicians. In response, Roger realized that it made sense to build instruments from scratch that incorporated all of the improvements that he had developed over the years. Additionally, his background in acoustic guitar building helped him to build lightweight, acoustically resonant instruments.

Today, Roger leads an experienced team that is dedicated to improving building techniques and finding innovative materials to build the best instruments for his customers. Notable Sadowsky artists include Will Lee, Verdine White (Earth Wind and Fire), Prince, Tal WilkenFeld, Jim Hall, Chuck Loeb, and more.

If you are looking for a jazz-inspired bass, something comfortable and lightweight for nights and nights of gigs with great usable tones and playability, look no further. Get a Sadowsky today.


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