Maurizio Über Basses

Maurizio Über Bass (MÜB) are bespoke custom basses made by Maurizio Caduto, a luthier from Italy. His basses have a very distinct design, lightweight and great tone. Maurizio calls his basses “headless with brains”, as they have a headstock but tuners are at the bridge. This allows the basses to be perfectly balanced, no neck dive but keeping the added tension provided by a headstock.

Another great feature of his basses is chambering on his basses. Unlike conventional chambering methods where big chunks of wood are taken out form the body and adding “hollowness” to the tone, Maurizio takes it one step higher through his “constellation” approach. He makes chambering an art, making holes of various sizes. This helps to retain the feel of a solid body but reducing the weight. It can be as light as 8lbs, or according to your preference. Visit MUB’s Facebook page for more info.


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