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TecAmp is one of the best bass amps available in the market today. They have revolutionised the combination of power, weight and tone into an incredibly lightweight package. The Puma 900 head has been very popular with bassists all over the world. The Puma 900 should be paired with the S212 for some insane tone! Another combo to check out is the 112. Lightweight, killer tone and powerful. We have both in stock, check it out today. 


Here's some information on the maker, Thomas Eich.

As a bassist with heart and soul himself, Thomas Eich set out to search for the perfect tone and began to turn his own thoughts to audio transmission. No sooner said than done: without further ado he simply made his loudspeakers himself. Only a short while later, he started producing amplifiers.

The constant search for and implementation of new ideas quickly earned him and his products due respect. Within a few years his brand recognition grew to also include international terrain. Thomas Eich has exhibited at the Frankfurt Musikmesse since 1986 and he has also been an exhibiter at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles since 1992. In 2011 he received a NAMM Association Milestone Award as the youngest company owner to celebrate their company's 25 year anniversary.

His passion for music has again and again led him to achieve his highest goal: to authentically and perfectly put the bass in the limelight in all its facets.

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