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STR Guitars was started in 2006 by Satoru Yatsuzuka, the master luthier at Aska factory.
Aska is known for its genuine craftsmanship, and has been manufacturing guitars for many years. These include their own brand names, and OEM products of domestic and foreign high-end guitar makers. It is known for high quality craftsmanship, and exquisite level of detail in guitar building.

STR embodies Satoru’s relentless pursuit for creating instruments that surpasses the player’s imagination, built to the highest level of precision, quality, tone and with the best available material. These guitars are widely used amongst professional musicians, for all genres. In addition, Satoru is also deeply involved with every stage of the intricate manufacturing process of STR guitars.
Personally, I have owned 2 STR basses over the past few years and I can attest to the incredible workmanship and playability of their instruments. It is amongst the best I have seen, surpassing many brands costing much more. STR has also made some innovations with their basses. They are able to provide roasted woods, chambered bodies, singlecuts etc. Check it out today!

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