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Sadowsky basses are highly regarded as the pinnacle of bass guitars, primarily jazz basses. Highly sought after and used by many top bassists including Will Lee, Tal Wilkenfeld and Verdine White. They are extremely easy to play, full sounding, lightweight and built to the highest quality. 

The NYC basses are handmade in  New York by Roger Sadowsky and his team. While pricier, the NYC basses offer chambered bodies which are lightweight, and custom options like figured tops, Super J pickups and others. 

The Metro basses are made in Japan, using the same woods and electronics as the NYC ones. These are more affordable, only solid bodies and less options. However, there is no compromise on the quality and tone, and the Metro does not perform any less than the NYC ones.

There are 3 series of Metroline available:

1. Metroline - the equivalent of NYCs, without chambering and fancy woods

2. Metroilne Express - same quality Metroline, but with limited colors. Most affordable Sadowsky!

3. Metroline Slapmaster - deeper neck pocket, lower action for players with light touch, 60s spacing and a heavier ash for that 70s Marcus Miller tone.

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