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Ritter Instruments is the brainchild of Jens Ritter, a master craftsman and artisan from Germany. Growing up from a rich family heritage of wood working, Jens has been creating a revolution with his amazingly handcrafted bass guitars. Everything is a work of art, from the wood selection, neck joint and breathtaking finishes. His mastery has been recognised by the world renowned Smithsonian Museum, and is the second guitar maker to be featured there. The first was the grandfather of electric guitars, Leo Fender.


Here's an introductory video from the man himself, Mr Jens Ritter. Visit for details of Ritter Instruments in stock. 

  The R8 is Ritter's first foray into the singlecut design for their amazing line of basses. This model was launched in NAMM 2012 to…
This bass is an absolute piece of art, and possibly one of the most beautiful basses ever! It features a 1 piece Angelhair Flame Maple…