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Omnibass 4 (sold)

This is the latest revised version, with key essential upgrades!

1. The fingerboard radius is flatter at the lower frets for easy fingerstyle playing, and becomes more curved at the higher registers to faciltate bowing. Previously, the older versions had the same curved fingerboard throughout, which was not optimum for fretting at lower frets.

2. The gigbag now fits the Omnibass perfectly! Earlier versions were fitted with the longer gigbag from the electric upright. Now it is even easier to transport this bass to your gig.

If you are primarily and electric bass player, looking to expand your versatility and tonal palette with a double bass tone without having to relearn techniques, this would be perfect for you!







From punchy, percussive attack to smooth, singing sustain, the Omni Bass's exclusive Polar™ piezo pickup is the only system that allows the bassist to control the attack and decay of the plucked string. EMG magnetic pickups add classic electric sounds. The on-board pre-amp, EQ, and mixer allow the player full control of this wide tonal palette right from the instrument.

The Omni Bass responds to the bow with a natural and expressive voice, combining powerful bass resonance with brilliant harmonics. The strings are easily driven on both fretted and fretless models, making it possible for bassists with little bowing experience to add this beautiful dimension to their music.

Deep, resonant bass response is the essence of this remarkable new instrument. Whether plucked or bowed, the Omni Bass delivers pure, exciting acoustic and electric bass sounds that can be tailored to compliment virtually any musical style or gig.

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Fretted model and other options and colour available on order.