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Michael Tobias is one of the most renowned bass makers in the world today, making incredible instruments for over 3 decades. MTD basses are heralded as amongst the best basses, widely used by many top bass players around the world. They are known for the signature gospel bass tone, which people commonly associate with Andrew Gouche's tone. Other prominent members of the MTD family include Norm Stockton, Alexis Slarevski and Justin Raines. 

Both the USA custom models and the Kingston models are available at bassFREQ. For custom models, please contact us to enquire.  Visit and to find out more.

  This MTD Saratoga Norm Stockton Artist Edition was handmade by Michael Tobias and the MTD team in the USA. It raises the bar on…
The AG5 has a deep and very punchy tone. One key characteristic is the blend of the alder body and the purpleheart fingerboard. It is…