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Ken Smith BSR5GN (Sold)

This Ken Smith BSR5GN has a very distinctive tone, that cuts through the mix like butter. The body is made from walnut wings with a maple core, for that warm midrange but still having that top end bite and attack. Slap tone on this bass is absolutely insane. The workmanship is immaculate, very low action and totally BUZZ FREE. 


Pictures here 

For me, this is my ultimate cure for G.A.S (that's probably why I own two of them... ;P)

Body: Walnut wings with maple core

Neck: 5 pc Ovangkol/Maple neck (Ultra stable, Ultra strong)

Fingerboard: Ebony

Electronics: 18V Smith 3 Band EQ with splittable humbuckers.

Weight: Slightly over 9lbs, easy on the shoulder and perfectly balanced.

Comes with Smith hard case and strap!