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Ken Smith
Ken Smith

Ken Smith is one of the most respected bass builders in the industry. The tone of the Smith is unmistakable, and you can hear it instantly in a recording. Smiths have been the axe of choice for many top bass players, and have made an indelible mark especially in R&B, Fusion Jazz and Gospel. Famous Ken Smith players include Melvin Davis, Al Turner, Terrence Palmer.


I have been a Ken Smith user for the past decade, and own a BSR5GN and a BSR6GN. After so many years, this is still a bass that gives me a "shiok" feeling everytime I play it. The tone that got me hooked onto Ken Smith is Terrence Palmer's slap bass intro of "Trading My Sorrows" from Israel Houghton and New Breed's album. WOOT!

This Ken Smith BSR5GN has a very distinctive tone, that cuts through the mix like butter. The body is made from walnut wings with a…