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Featured bassFREQs

Our passion at bassFREQ is not only about our obsession for bass guitars and gear, it is also about the players who bring life and meaning to these amazing instruments.

Over the years, there are many exceptional bassplayers from Singapore and around the region that we’ve had the privilege to meet. It is time to feature and acknowledge these immensely talented bassplayers, and let their stories be an inspiration for all of us as we journey deeper and deeper into the low end!

Colin Yong (F Bass)

Reginald: I recall meeting Colin about 13 years ago at one of the first bass players' gathering near Arab Street. Back then, we had a close knit online bass community that begin with the now defunct E-Circles. It subsequently migrated to Delphiforums, and now to SOFT. At that gathering, Colin's musicianship caught my attention. Being younger than many other seasoned bass players in the room, he was extremely skillful and equally adept across different genres from rock to funk to jazz! Colin even showed his versatility on the flute as well.

25 Aug, 12

Azman Nirwan (Xotic)

Reginald: I have known Azman for over a decade, since I started visiting Yamaha in the late 90s. Azman has always been very helpful to provide assistance to customers with his excellent product knowledge and service. He is also actively involved as a bassplayer in the local music scene, performing regularly in various nightspots, television programmes and working with numerous artists locally and in the region.

Azman is currently performing with his band “In Control” at Clarke Quay.

29 Feb, 12